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Single equipment series
TLBZQ quality-assurance unit

TLBZQ quality-assurance unit is widely used in quality assuring before granulation. To be specific, heat and humidify the powder to be granulated and keep its warmth for an extended period, which provides the needed time for the contact of the material with the steam. The material appears to be partly gelatinization and it is easily to be compressed to moulds. Besides it will improve the water resistance of pellet feed and its internal and external quality. It is different from the quality conditioner in slower speed of mainshaft, longer period of conditioning time and higher level of gelatinization.


1)    To make the feed easier to be granulated and lower the pulverulent ratio;
2)    To increase the gelatinization of starch and enhance the stability of aquatic feed in water;
3)   To increase the digestibility of feed, increase the digestibility of such components as protein and starch by over 10%~12%;
4)    The rate of destroying and killing the injurious factors reached over 30%~80%;
5)  To lower the electricity consumption and increase the production capacity of granulators by 5%~10%;
6)  To reduce the friction of pressed film and prolong the service life of vulnerable parts;
7)    It applies to aquatic and livestock feed